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The Art of Slinkachu: Tiny Hand Painted Figures

The art of Slinkachu is probably one of the most uncommon forms of art practiced by artistes all over the world. Slinkachu is a London based artiste who is famous for creating tiny hand painted figures or people.

Well, there’s nothing uncommon in it. Many artistes create these types of figures all around the globe. However, what is most uncommon with the art of Slinkachu is that he leaves these tiny figures at various places in London, preferably corners of the streets, under or on the benches at parks and gardens, at the corners of subways and underground.

You can find one of these figures on your way to work or from it or you may not as well. However, if you happen to find one of these figures, it will quickly remind you of the art of Slinkachu and make you feel how these tiny figures blend with the ambience of the city depicting our inner fears of being lost or left along in this huge city, uncared and unattended – left only to perish unnoticed!

Truly, the Art of Slinkachu is a perfect combination of humor and the melancholy of the urban life the present world has provided us.

Tiny Hand Painted figures


Source: http://designmodo.com/slinkachu/#ixzz1jaBGmw6E

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