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Networking At It's Best – B-EZ Graphix Partners w/ Fresh Touch Publicity!!!

So let’s start the story from the beginning…

Vau’ve of OfficialAnais Public Relations (PR) is a long time friend and business associate of B-EZ Graphix.  Through her network, she found a PR agency, Luxury Chic Media (LCM), in need of a graphic designer.  Without hesitation, B-EZ Graphix was immediately referred to LCM.  While making arrangements for a design project for LCM, I expressed on Twitter that I was looking for a local PR agency in Georgia.  LCM immediately did a Twitter roll call, and behold Fresh Touch Publicity (FTP) was the first and only to answer.

It is no surprise that PR operations rely heavily on media and communications.  However, in order to effectively communicate and establish efficient relationships, PR agencies need extensive experience in branding along with their own functional and professional brand.  Likewise, graphic designers look to PR agencies to market and communicate the brand of their clients who use their design products.  Hence, most PR agencies have graphic and web designers on call within their network, rarely with one central location, let alone organization.

Aware of this phenomena, I did some research and was highly impressed by the publicity work of FTP, their community involvement and passionate work ethic.  So, I reached out to “TJ” of FTP in an effort to establish an efficient partnership to offer all of these services under one organization to provide a single, “one-stop shopping” solution for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations to utilize both of our design and publicity services.  Needless to say, TJ was very excited at the opportunity to offer her current and new clients the capacity to design and publicize all of their events, products and brands within one organization.

“I was always taught, ‘you can teach aptitude but you can’t teach attitude.’  Our positive energies and selfless work ethics are uncommon trends in business and that’s why I see this partnership working and growing. This is quite a simple recipe to help your business meet its goals. Welcome to the marriage of success and happiness! ” – TJ of Fresh Touch Publicity

There is no doubt that there is SO much more to come from this new team based in Georgia.  Stay tuned for further developments of this network.

For more information or if you’re interested in seeing what these companies can do for you visit the following links below:

Fresh Touch Publicity

OfficialAnais PR

Luxury Chic Media

B-EZ Graphix 

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    Vau've Anais Davis

    Awesome! That’s why they call me the connector! I’m truly proud of your success thus far, I will continue to support your endeavors.

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