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MADE Entrepreneur Of The Month: April 2012 – Vau've Anais Davis

Vau’ve is the CEO/Founder of OfficialAnais Public Relations in Chicago. Most importantly, she is a long time friend and business associate of mine. Since the start of our friendship in college, we have been exploring unique ventures and initiatives – such as the Soul Starr Select catering organization. We constantly express our nostalgia as we have grown as entrepreneurs specializing in public relations and branding. Likewise, we frequently acknowledge that we may not have acquired the successes that we have experienced without one another. So, it is my pleasure to honor Vau’ve as the first “MADE Entrepreneur of the Month” for April 2012!

You will constantly read and hear motivational words and thoughts from me, followed by the hash tag #MakeYourself. This is because I strongly believe that, although we are interdependent beings, no one knows what’s best for you than yourself. You set your own goal and understand that it will take your efforts, at a minimum, to achieve them and become who you want to be – to make yourself. No one understands this better than Vau’ve. Despite her educational background in Psychology and not Communications, she has stepped up to bat as a superb Public Relations Consultant, rivaling the workings of major PR firms. She had an inspirational vision for herself that she sought and grasped by establishing her own PR brand, OfficialAnais PR. While representing several clients, Vau’ve still manages to nurture her philanthropic roots with events like the OfficialAnais Toy Drive. Moreover, she has been an indispensible referral source for my company, B-EZ Graphix.

It is important to understand that you need to be yourself, because everyone else is taken. Although Ms. Davis’ experience embodies this precept, she still sees the value that each person has that can contribute to the efforts of others. In fact, she is endeared as “The Connector” of people and resources. Her work with my company is a prime example: Vau’ve has referred over 15 projects to B-EZ Graphix that produced nearly 25 products accounting for over $1,000 in revenue from referrals within one fiscal quarter. This amounts to over 40% of referral revenue, from Vau’ve alone, out of 15 affiliates of B-EZ Graphix. If that’s not impressive enough, through Vau’ve’s networking with Luxury Chic Media in New York, she connected me to TJ Jefferson of Fresh Touch Publicity in Atlanta – leading to the launch of a Joint Venture Partnership between our two companies. Thank you Vau’ve for all you do for B-EZ Graphix!  I am so very glad to have you as a friend in life and business!

I would like to highlight YOU for the next “MADE Entrepreneur of the Month!” Contact me to become an affiliate of B-EZ Graphix and send us your referrals for graphic design, web design, branding and marketing consulting. The incentives for affiliates are endless! Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for your support.

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