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Color Palette Branding

When designing marketing products to establish a new business brand, color palette is almost always overlooked.  Logos, graphics and typography normally receive the most intention and are often assumed to be the most important aspects of starting a new business brand.  However, I argue that a characteristic color palette is the most critical aspect of designing a new business brand.  It is easy for a logo to standout and instantly identify or “brand” a particular business or company.  However, colors serve the same function. For instance, when you see pink and black stripes you might immediately think of Victoria’s Secret and gorgeous models.  Or, the red and white colors of Target’s brand signify its presence anywhere in the world, even on television advertisements that don’t even show the logo until the end of the commercial.  But, the whole time you knew it was a Target ad because of the predominance of red and white throughout the scenes of the commercial.  Likewise, you need to effectively consider the colors you will chose to brand your business.  Don’t fall into the trap of putting all your focus into the logo and other prevalent branding characteristics other than the most basic characteristic of color.  Choose colors that means something to you, but successfully compliment your logo and the rest of your branding products.

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