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Building Your Online Presence

If you’ve just started a business or are fairly new to the Entrepreneurial world, then building your online presence can be time consuming and, at times, frustrating. Nevertheless, it is still VERY important for establishing and promoting your brand.

Building your online presence is not something that happens overnight – which can be the most frustrating aspect. As a new business owner, you may suddenly recognize the need to build your online presence and expect immediate results to have it done. It may be disappointing to learn that it doesn’t work that way. But, there are many ways to make building your online presence less time consuming and frustrating. Building your online presence is a progressive and deliberate process that begins with a solid vision and well thought out strategy to reach your business goals. Don’t just build an online presence because “you’re supposed to.” Respect your goals and align your online presence with an effective strategy to reach them. Then, choose a platform.

In most cases, this means set up a website. Your website is your hub – your online headquarters where people can go to learn more, contact you and interact with your content. Afterward, you can follow up with SEO and social media to engage your target market and lead them to your website and generate connections and conversions (sales and revenue).
To your advantage, you have us here at B-EZ Graphix to help you make that happen! We offer various structured website design packages and customized offers to help you build and maintain your web presence. So, take advantage of our monthly special for March – 15% off website design packages. Build your brand and dominate your web space today! Store Discount expires on April 24, 2014.

Allow Me To REINTRODUCE Myself

To my new followers, my name is Brian K. Wyatt Jr., Founder and Creative Director of B-EZ Graphix, Inc. I come to you with over 9 years of experience in graphic design, web design and strategic marketing. If you can imagine, my business has undergone many transformations over the years. Rebranding a company is hard – many have tried and most fail for various reasons. A successful rebranding campaign requires much more than a new look and logo. Although we do hope you enjoy our new look, it is most important to us that you have the most productive and enjoyable experience with our staff and services. It is our every intention to show that our rebranding comes with more than just a new aesthetic.

Rebranding has become something of a fad at the turn of the millennium. In many instances, rebranding is done to shed a negative image. We assure you, that is not the case with B-EZ Graphix. Our efforts to rebrand are done for the same reason reptiles shed skin – growth. To differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we wanted to show the fruits of our growth – new and improved skill sets, currency in design trends and styles, powerful network and inspiring partnerships. Consider the way Target rebranded in order to differentiate itself from low-brow stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart, by including pared down versions of designer apparel. In this way, we are finding new ways to stand out. In addition, we wish to make our business identity and mission more pronounced:

B-EZ Graphix is veteran-owned, freelance graphic design, web design and marketing agency. Our mission is to encourage entrepreneurship by simplifying the marketing and brand development process for start up business and organizations. In addition, we support the rebranding and strategic marketing efforts of established enterprises.

Our identity and mission brings us closer to our clients and our target market. We seek to capitalize on this new disposition by enhancing our connections and creating the most positive customer experience for our clients. The rebranding campaign of Old Spice is an illustrative example of what I mean. Whereas, Old Spice, once a brand many associated with their grandfather’s deodorant, now has a fresh identity following clever marketing of a manly “experience” and smart use of social media to connect with their consumers – all done without changing their logo. Old Spice has reaped the benefits of evoking the social connotations of “swagger” as opposed to just simply charisma…Although, I’m sure former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa’s influence on wives and girlfriends was also very encouraging.

So as we finalize our latest rebranding campaign, we encourage you all to take advantage of our design and marketing services, provide feedback and assist us with ensure we offer the best services at the most reasonable rates. Moreover, we encourage other entrepreneurs to also consider a robust rebranding campaign if you have been in business for a considerable amount of time and feel that you are falling out of touch with your target market. In conclusion, I hope that this blog post makes it clear why we chose to rebrand. We look forward to serving you and showing you the difference.

Make Yourself

My name is Brian Wyatt, owner and operator of B-EZ Graphix, originally from Chicago, currently living in Warner Robins, Georgia. I am a graphic and web designer and marketing specialist. I have been in the design industry for over 8 years. I specialize in business branding by designing and producing marketing communications products such as logos, business cards, flyers, websites, album/mixtape and magazine covers along with designing static and animated ads. My educational background in social science has also allowed me to excel with my skills in marketing and promotions since the start of my design career in 2004. I combine my creativity in design with my background in strategic marketing and promotions with exceptional versatility to enable my clients, local and abroad, to take their business to new heights with an effective plan and execution of the design tools I provide. I develop brands that don’t just build companies, they build legacies.

Imagine a nameless, faceless individual approaching you with his/her hands out expecting you to pay them your hard earned money for their services/products. How would you take that? More importantly, what look would you give them that conveys the reality that you are in no way interested? This is the same way networks of people and markets will look at a company with no logo, no brand…perhaps, even an unimpressive brand. My company provides exciting designs and exceptional consultations to build start up companies and market networks and corporations – creating legacies. I provide this services at affordable and flexible rates to ensure new entrepreneurs and non-profits get the jump start they deserve without wasting what little they have to invest in themselves. I do this because I value business relationships over revenue. The world needs to know this. There are so many people out there that have dreams for themselves, their family and friends that involve being their own boss and bootstrapping their way to achieving their goals but don’t know where to start building. I want to provide the freedom for these innovators to do so not out of some sense of self justice, but because I know when I provide opportunities for them to advance toward their goals, they will pay it forward and create opportunities for others who are “stuck.” In the end, no one deserves to be “stuck” and waste the potential they have to make themselves. My company, B-EZ Graphix is the key to that freedom – the freedom to be who you want to be, build a legacy. . . the freedom to make yourself.

Top 20 Web Designs of 2011: A Unique Inspiration

As 2011 year is gone design community started to summarize and make predictions about web design trends. Today I`ve counted more than 10 different articles dedicated to web design trends of outgoing year. Different writers see different trends but there`s always something in common.

So let’s draw the line and clean things up. Almost all authors converge in these web design trends

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive Design
  • Parallax Scrolling (as a result single page websites)
  • Large Photographic and High-Quality Textured Backgrounds
  • Sophisticated Typography and Accurate Play with Typefaces
  • Touch Screen

And I can`t disagree since 2011 year brings us new era of using HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript and mobile web.

By far, I am thoroughly intrigued by the parallax designs you’ll see below.  The level of technique and artistic creativity involved in developing these sites is overwhelmingly sophisticated.  I’m excited to see how these trends develop and modernize into the upcoming year.

But, for today I`ve collected 20 website designs that are considered to be the best of the best of the 2011 year.  I do not have the grounds to disagree.

1. Kinetic V5.

Kinetic V5.

2. Roberd Wards. Amazing use of typography and parallax.Roberd Wards. Amazing use of typography and parallax.

3. Jorge Rigabert. Vertical Parallax, Riboons, Circles and HTML5&CSS3.Jorge Rigabert

4. Just Dot. Typography, Illustrations, Parallax, HTML5/CSS3.Just Dot

5. SF Dok – 360 Langstrasse Zurich. Animated Background.SF Dok - 360 Langstrasse Zurich

6. Studio 2Create. Parallax and HTML5/CSS3.Studio 2Create

7. Claptaps. Horisontal parallax, HTML5/CSS3.Claptaps

8. Balencic Creative Group. Vertical Parallax, Typography, HTML5/CSS3 and Textured Backgroud.Balencic Creative Group

9. Jan Ploch. One of the first parallax websites that amazed me by its idea and simple way of realisation. Just good combination of great designer`s and developer`s skills.Jan Ploch

10. High on Pixels. Circles, Sketching and CSS3/HTML5.High on Pixels. Circles, Sketching and CSS3/HTML5.

11. Forefathers Group. Vertical Parallax, Responsive Design, Typography, High-Quality Textured Background.Forefathers Group

12. Me & Oli. Awesome idea is implemented by HTML5/CSS3.Me & Oli

13. Head 2 Heart. Horisontal Parallax, Typography, Textured background.Head 2 Heart.

14. iDesign. Vertical Parallax, Magnificient Typography, Amazing Background, Pixel perfect web elements, Great visualisation of process steps, Sketching.iDesign.

15. Phase2 Design Studio. Clean, simple website design with sophisticated typography, vertical parallax and HTML5/CSS3 elements.

Phase2 Design Studio.

16. Vlog. Awesome HTML5 experiment.Vlog. Awesome HTML5 experiment.

17. Vision of beauties. Grid and slider that are often used in fashion website designs.Vision of beauties.

18. Guide to the app Galaxy.

Guide to the app Galaxy.

19. Paolo Cavanna

.Paolo Cavanna.

20. The Wired Mind

.The Wired Mind

Share your thoughts with me. May be I`ve forgotten about some other great website designs that you can definitely call best of the best. I`m looking forward to reading your comments.

Designs sourced from Land-of-Web