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B-EZ Graphix is a veteran-owned multimedia marketing agency with a strong social focus.

B-EZ Graphix is committed to support economic development by making the process of brand development and marketing easy and affordable. Our team of experienced marketing professionals seek to be a single-source solution for graphic design, web design, multimedia and strategic marketing services. We offer our services with expert business advice, at no additional cost, so we can help you target your marketing dollars into cost-effective marketing strategies and solutions. By leveraging our marketing expertise and skills, you can focus on other business priorities. Shouldn’t marketing your business be easy?

B-EZ Graphix was founded on October 25, 2004 in Champaign, IL by Brian K. Wyatt Jr. We are currently based in Tallahassee, FL but we serve clients remotely with the same level of responsiveness and personal attention as we would locally. We are committed to provide the best client experience, and assist our clients build their brand and starting a legacy. We are proud to uphold a standard of maintaining 5-Star Reviews on popular sources such as Google and Facebook. Our process requires superb attention to detail that builds deep professional relationships with our clients to trust us with every step in the process to build their business. Request a no-obligation quote today to find out how we can help you grow your business.


After some creative brainstorming, we get to work using the latest design trends and technology. Everyone on our creative team is proficient with the tools, skills and expertise we use to design and develop your brand identity and marketing products.


Jump start your digital brand with a professionally developed website. You can count on us to develop your website or landing page to deliver a user experience that will impress your visitors.


With over 12 years of experience, we have the expertise you need to start and grow your business. Work with our team of experts to develop effective business ideas, goals and plans to build your business.


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We are excited to provide you with the most complete solutions to help your business grow. Our team of professionals is ready to partner with you to bring your vision to life!

We have the expertise you need to start and grow your business.

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Brian Wyatt, Jr.

President & CEO

Brian K. Wyatt, Jr. is a Military Veteran, Brand Architect, and Marketing Strategist. He was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, IL where he learned to use entrepreneurship to overcome adversity and homelessness. For over 16 years, Brian and his team of visual storytellers at B-EZ Graphix have been #EXCELERATING brands with scroll-stopping visual experiences, click-worthy websites, and growth-driven marketing strategies.


Sierra L. Wyatt

VP of Client Experience

Sierra Wyatt

Vice-President of Client Experience

Sierra is an experience Content Creator and Client Service Specialist from Macon, GA. She has a unique eye for design and an intuitive knack for aligning creative projects with our client’s goals and vision. Sierra provides overall creative direction for content creation. She is also responsible for all accounts management teams and operations to ensure that we deliver the best experience possible for our clients. All client-facing work and communications is reviewed and approved by Sierra and Brian.


Rasheedat McKay

Account Manager | Executive Assistant

Rasheedat McKay

Account Manager / Executive Assistant


Rasheedat is an emerging sales account manager with an extensive background in office management. She has excellent organizational skills. She is also great at meeting new people and establishing long last relationships. Her customer service always brings clients back for new projects. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, volunteering, and watching National Geographic on Disney Plus. 




Shannon Hancock

Lead Marketing Strategist

Shannon Hancock

Lead Marketing Strategist


Shannon is an emerging marketing leader that leverages her experience in social media and communications to bring people together. You can catch her writing or sketching in her free time when she is not coming up with marketing ideas.

Shannon has years of experience with customer care making her very personable and a great communicator. Her belief is communication should be more personal and catered towards a more intimate involvement. She began her marketing experience and interest when she joined FSU’s Advertising Club in her junior year of college. Now she has over a year of professional marketing experience with managing over 20 accounts. Shannon is eagerly refining her skills to deliver effective marketing strategies for positive social change and success. Her ultimate goal is to integrate these skills with marketing campaigns to provide captivating content and engage audiences.