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20 Creative Logo Design Ideas: Having Fun With Identities!

Have you ever felt like when you decide to do something, it has to be your own unique way? The understanding of logo design begins much with the same basic concept: have an identity no one else has. A brand’s logo has to be a one of a kind mirror reflection of its visual mission by first impression. One could even go so far as to relate the potent significance of a logo in reflecting a brands image, with the very fingerprints on our hands. It’s got to be yours, only yours.

As designers, of course you can never go without the basic rules of logo design, such as mirroring the brand’s identity, establishing its presence, fashioning a multipurpose symbol that embodies its organization to the core, whilst ultimately serving as the most efficient marketing tool.

A logo designer can adhere to all the details and technicalities surrounding the exercise of graphic design with grand devotion, however, in order to truly comprehend the art of logo design and therefore journey through the process of its effective execution, one needs only one tool: creativity.

Be Creative! Seize with an open mind. Think outside the box – literally sit outside the box. The cardinal rule of logo design is to never cease stimulating a fresh thought process. Never settle for an ordinary, tried and tested idea, strive only for the conception of innovative and spanking new design territories. Only then, can true design really be achieved. Pacing creativity with an understanding of who the client is and who their target market is allows you to design in pure understanding of the identity you are about to create. That, fellow designers, is when you can start having fun with your work. Really playing with ideas that define the identity of your logo with comfort is when you can own it.

Below is an interesting compilation of logos designed by designers who’ve had more than a little fun doing what they probably do best.

Logo Design 15

Logo Design 16

Logo Design 17

Logo Design 18

Logo Design 1

Logo Design 2

Logo Design 3

Logo Design 4

Logo Design 5

Logo Design 6

Logo Design 7

Logo Design 8

Logo Design 9

Logo Design 10

Logo Design 11

Logo Design 12

Logo Design 13

Logo Design 14

Logo Design 19

Logo Design 20