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Branding Etiquette – Rule #1: Take Pride!

I told myself that if ever I saw this again, I would not let it pass unnoticed. I can no longer pretend that I condone blurring of the boundaries of branding etiquette. Of the many things wrong with this business card, the email address is the most aggravating. How can I, or anyone else for the matter, take you seriously with the email address: This is an illustrative example of the many I’ve thrown in the trash for this same reason. There are so many resources available online that can provide you with your own email address. At the very least, keep it simple with just your to avoid such a disastrous brand as this.


Judging from the perforation on the edges, this card was printed on some generic card stock purchased from Staples or Wal-Mart. The lack of saturation in the color is indicative of the ink from an old home-use printer. I can accept this and attribute it to the troublesome economy. However, the lack of pride in what you do and how you brand shouts at me in the absence of symmetry. The design elements and information are not spaced evenly from the edges of the card. Apparently, they didn’t take the time to pay attention to detail to either correct or discard this print before distributing.


Granted, not everyone can afford the services of a graphic designer to curtail many of these infractions. But, if you wish for me to take your business and your brand seriously enough to contact you, then you need to take more pride in how you present yourself. Find your vision, do some research, and come correct. Otherwise, your brand – your business card – will be discarded as quickly as the spam in my inbox.